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I have been a professional gunsmith and stock maker for over 40 years. Have cutting tools made by the true old world craftsmen , English, Swiss, German many made before the turn of the century, last century. I have a lot of tools I have made myself. I DO know how to sharpen them.

Met Bill over 20 years ago and have had nothing but praise for his knives and the pleasure of dealing with a professional. I find them rather easy to sharpen but I have large stones of varying grits. They seem to cut better than knives that may be a harder steel, or at least harder to sharpen. Could be the forging, or just the great designs. The "Little Veggie" really does what Bill is looking for, more fun in the kitchen.

David Von Drasek

I’m a knife collector in Columbus, Ohio. I found and bought one of your early Spectrum knives, a Persion marked Spectrum #4. I’m thrilled to take care of it, and it is in excellent condition still. I’m fascinated by your early work with laminated Ti. That must have been incredible learning how to do what no one had before! I’m very honored to have one of the first pieces, and be able to share it and its story with all my knife-nut friends. Will likely take it this year to Blade to show around.

For years, the only knife I truly enjoyed using for chopping vegetables was a Bill Buchner handmade knife a friend gave me so long ago I can’t remember life without it. The blade is high carbon steel with a little nickel added and is made from recycled Oregon sawmill saws. The blade holds a sharp edge and its unusual shape is especially suited for cutting vegetables. Equally important, the short blade and nicely curved handle make it easy for short, small-handed people to use.

Laurie Constantino

I bought the little vegie knife from you a few years ago at Oregon Country Fair. I love it! When I bought it it was so sharp (almost scary sharp). Thank you for making dinner prep a little more fun every night.

Nieves Rathbun