Caring for your Buchner knives

Because your knife is more fun when it’s in good shape

Maintaining an edge

To maintain the edge, use a crock stick or steel on a regular basis. Eventually the knife will need to be re-edged using a set of sharpening stones.


Preventing stain

To keep the blades from staining too badly rinse them off immediately after use and wipe dry. If discoloring becomes objectionable, lay blade flat on countertop with the handle over the edge and stroke lengthwise with a scotch brite or fine wet or dry polishing paper.


Free Sharpening!

I will sharpen and spruce up your knife at no cost.
You only pay for shipping.

Treating with Oil

After shaping and polishing, they are treated with “Watco Danish Oil” followed by “Watco Satin Wax”. If the handle looks dry, treat it with “Watco” products, walnut or vegetable oil.



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