About Bill Buchner & Blazing Hammer Ironworks

Crafting Quality Knives Since 1978

If my knives bring some enjoyment and satisfaction to those who use them, then perhaps that happiness will be transferred through the meal and help spread the love and wonder of this amazing living planet we are all together on.

Since 1978, I’ve been hand-crafting knives and selling them to friends and family.
Every year, I set up my booth at the Oregon Country Fair and sell my knives to eager new and returning customers.
My shop overlooks the famous flyfishing waters of the North Umpqua River. The peace and quiet is routinely shattered by the anvil’s ring.


What makes my knives unique?

All of my knives are hand forged and selectively heat treated for maximum edge holding and toughness. Since each one is hand made they vary a little bit. My knives are hand forged out of recycled band saw blades from Oregon sawmills. The steel is a special alloy only used in large band saw blades. It is a carbon steel with approximately 2.5% nickel added for toughness. The knives are selectively heat treated for the best edge holding ability. The handles are made from a variety of hardwoods from around the world.

They’re no ordinary knives.

The Zinger and Rocking Chopper can do things normal knives never dream of. With the handle over the center of the blade it is a breeze to cut straight down through a squash or melon. They are also able to cut into a casserole dish by coming down the edge with the heel of the blade and then rocking the knife to make the cut.


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